Camera Usage

We need access to camera for getting picture of employee when the employee do clocking. As a prove that employee is in location. It's optional

GPS Usage

We need access to your location to check position is in branch or not.

Maps Usage

We need map access for device to show the location of employee

Phone State

We need read phone state for checking if there's any fake location


We need to access your location to find out which branch you are in, aims to make sure you really do attendance at the place that your company has specified. The app uses the background location in the Trip feature to collects location data to enable recording your trips to work and calculate distance-traveled. Background location fetching is active only when you are activating the Trip feature and will stop fetching your location from the background when you have finished the trip. it is very necessary to find out whether you really do the job and trip accordingly ordered by your company to see your job performance as an employee.